AICT - Our Story

Our chairman Mohammad Sohaib started AICTTM (Al Imdaad Charitable Trust) in 2015 by leaving behind a well-paid job and a lavish life in Dubai UAE. He flew back to India with no plans for future but to fulfil his dream of providing care for the poor people. On his way back to India he made his mind to let go off his desires and let his dream work begin in India. He was very much sure about his plans and registered AICT with complete hope in Allah SWT to make him a Jariyah for someone’s life to become blissful and to make this initiative a Sadaqah Jariyah for himself.

Our chairman Mohammad Sohaib initially brought together all his savings and put the foundation of AICT. Now AICT has become a part of his life and a Sadaqah Jariyah for us all! We purpose-initiated our work in Bihar as it being the poorest states of the country. We have our main office in Delhi being it the capital and our other offices in Bihar, Assam & Westbengal.

We started by introducing Medical Camps in several villages of Bihar. People around Bihar are the poorest among the all and lacks good healthcare facilities leading to increase in fatal diseases and death rate. Bihar being the mother place for most of the diseases has very small number of hospitals with a smaller number of patients visiting it, the reason being financial capability of the villagers.

We started our journey with Medical Camps serving only in Bihar. Now we have our wings spread over several states of India along with a Multispeciality Hospital, AICT Hospital is under construction for the same. Our hands not only in medical sector but are serving in several sectors like Food and Water, social uplifting, sustainability, women empowerment, shelter and many more.

In just 7 years

Provided healthcare facilities to millions of people
Building a multispeciality hospital in Bihar
Built 100s of houses and provided shelter to the needy families
Sponsored over 500 orphans, widows, disabled and 1000s of families
Provided food and water aid to millions of needy people
Introduced our own computer coaching centre and sewing classes.
Helped more than 50 families setting up their small business
Has our own Clinic running in Bihar