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AICT has newly launched Street Tiffin in New Delhi. In the last 2 months we have distributed fresh and hot meals to needy people on the street of New Delhi on daily basis. We like to expand this project in different states of India. We ask you to support us in expanding this much - needed charitable initiative.



AICT Resumes the construction work again after covid of the Hospital. Let us donate and help build a much needed HOSPITAL FOR THE POOR.
May you get the best reward for your donations in terms of HEALTH & MUCH MORE.

AICTTM supports hundreds of thousands suffering from the rising poverty and crisis in many regions of India

Healthy Life

Health is wealth , be it poor or rich

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Promoting Education, Promoting Nation

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Clothes & Food

Everyone deserves clean water, a healthy meal & basic clothes

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Less mess in present, less stress in future

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Social Uplifting

It's not about earning a living. It is about designing a life

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Crisis Management

Nothing important than being present and contribute to Community under crisis

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We have Changed Lives of Thousands







West Bengal


Help the many people in Need donation

Sponsor a Child's Education

Bringing slum childrens to school Providing stationary, uniform and necessary support to under-privileged children Regular counseling of parents to ensure the child’s participation in school Teacher training – to train them for the dynamic digital learning environment

Donate for Healthy Life

Healthcare is the worst issue when we talk about the underprivileged crowd of the country. People are struggling months with a normal sickness due to lack of healthcare facilities, financial capability and knowledge for the same. We have been organising this camp in different states of India to understand the health-related issues people are facing and to come up with a genuine treatment for the same.

Uplift Underprivileged

Donate to support people below poverty line to get better medication facilities, ot to offer financial as well as humanitarian support

Clean Water For All

A donation in the Clean Water category will ensure that existing Bore Holes are repaired in the local area as well as new access to water is created throughout remote area of India.

To Make India a Fairer Place.

AICT aims to support people with disabilities, illness and poverty and to tackle the cause behind these problems

Our mission is to help people below poverty line to get better medication facilities, to provide educational help to the impoverished children, to offer financial as well as humanitarian support to the underprivileged, aim to reduce starvation and malnutrition in India

Aspire to inspire human spirit

We believe in changing the lives of people suffering from hunger, illnesses and poverty for long term

We make a lot of efforts to ease and improve the life of people in poor regions. Our vision is to offer support and assistance to poor and needy families, help them to access basic services, provide lasting routes out of poverty through our sustainable livelihood schemes, and our integrated approach towards development and transformation of communities.

Humanity First

community development, equal and friendly environment, honest, quality over quantity and dedication towards responsibility.


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